USPL’s ‘IMARA’ becomes first women’s fashion brand to add style to team RCB ‘WROGN’

Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd (USPL) today announced that WROGNTM – India’s leading celebrity breakaway youth fashion brand, and IMARATM – the women’s ethnic wear brand will be the “Official Lifestyle Partners” for team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), the Bangalore based franchise of the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the 11th edition of the upcoming T20 bonanza.

WROGN fashion will add the right style to the RCB team with the squad sporting WROGN’s trendy and quirky designs off the field, and sporting the WROGN logo on their caps and helmets when in action on the field. On the home ground, WROGN’s funky in-stadia branding will add colour and enhance the vibrant and lively atmosphere during the matches.

IMARA, a contemporary interpretation of the conventional with a refreshing take on ethnic designs, will be the first women’s fashion brand to be an Official Lifestyle Partner for a team in the 11th edition of the T20 series.

Anjana Reddy, Founder, USPL said, “We are delighted that this season, two of our fashion brands, WROGN and IMARA are associating with team RCB, and we wish RCB all success as they #PLAYBOLD at T20 this season! This will give fans and our customers the opportunity to engage with the team and watch them in action!” Commenting on the growth in female viewership in the recent past, she added, “There has been a global increase in female viewership for sports events. In India too, women and children comprise a significant portion of the viewership pie, especially in T20, with a high entertainment quotient. The T20 matches have seen a significant growth in female viewership year on year with last year’s edition having 45% of its viewers as females. IMARA is the first women’s brand in the country to be an Official Lifestyle Partner for a team in the IPL, and Jacqueline Fernandez’s energy and youthfulness combined with her definitive fashion sense and incredible connect with fans will definitely add to the collaboration.”

Commenting on the association, Bollywood star and the face of IMARA, Jacqueline Fernandez said, “I am delighted with IMARA’s association with RCB as the Official Lifestyle Partner. It is a matter of pride that my brand IMARA will be the first women’s fashion brand to have this association.”

The two brands have comprehensive plans to engage and interact with RCB fans and customers at their outlets across the country. The association will be promoted across digital properties of RCB, WROGN and IMARA including the official websites and social media channels. Customer will also have the opportunity to get tickets to RCB matches on shopping either online or in stores.

Amrit Thomas, Chairman, RCB said, “We are glad to be associated this season with WROGN again and extend the association to IMARA which will be appreciated by the female fans of team RCB. The edgy WROGN and stylish IMARA fashion brands reflect the #PLAYBOLDTM attitude of the RCB team and are a perfect brand fit. We are sure RCB supporters will appreciate the opportunities to get tickets to RCB matches on shopping either online or in stores, and to engage and interact with team RCB.”

Mr. Vikramaditya Reddy, COO, USPL stated, “After our association with RCB last season with WROGN, we are thrilled to partner with RCB once again, this time with two of our fashion brands – WROGN and IMARA! Fans can look forward to seeing the RCB squad playing to their strength on the field complemented and inspired by the comfortable, stylish and unconventional WROGN merchandise. IMARA customers will get the opportunity to engage with the team and watch them in action! I am sure that our customers will support RCB and follow their journey in the 11th season of these T20 matches with great interest!”

Last season, the T20 matches had achieved a 24 percent jump in television and digital viewership as compared to 9th edition. The average impressions per match stood at 21.18 million as against 17.11 million in 2016. This year, the player auction itself received a record viewership of 46.5 million on television that was six times more than that last year, and digital viewership five times more. This season, the T20 matches are expected to see record viewership of about 30 million average viewership per match.

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