INNOVATION in its true color with the #WorldOfNEXABlue

Maruti Suzuki’s premium brand, NEXA, is built on blue – a color that has come to symbolize innovation down the ages. And true to this spirit, all campaigns and initiatives reflect this. On World Earth Day, NEXA is not only showcasing a world of innovation that exists around the color, it is also presenting it in format that has never been done before – as the first ever Twitter website in the world.

While campaign microsites are not so popular anymore, consumers are often lead to landing pages for select campaigns. Creating these can cost a brand a fair amount of time and financial commitment, since they also serve as the face of the overall brand. NEXA decided to take things to the next level by not only leveraging a completely intuitive website experience on Twitter (something never done before), but it also managed to do it completely at zero cost for a website.

The innovation has been brought into play by using the latest modification on the twitter platform – twitter threads. These threads allow a large chunk of information to be broken down into smaller bite-sized parts in the form of tweets and be displayed as a single-chain of information – just like you would on a website. Identifying and leveraging on this insight, and being true to the world of innovation, NEXA has chosen to create the complete website-like experience through this format.

With over 15+ topics spread across diverse topics, from Architecture to Books and even the human body itself, the campaign looks at unravelling the secrets that the color holds within our society. From the Sanskrit word Neel being used synonymously for the color and Indigo, the plant which produces the color, to it having its origin in the name of the rive Nile, witness this incredible color that connects cultures, civilizations, time spans and more.

From Mayan Blue to the hsbd-iryt – the early Egyptian name of the color, it has been revered, reviled and recognized all over again through centuries. How does the color tie US presidents, a top-secret UFO investigation and a fruit? Discover all this as we you travel deep down the alleys of unknown secrets, startling discoveries and purely amazing facts that are all connected by the world’s favorite color.

The campaign is being brought about by Grapes Digital, the ones bringing the innovation to life. On the occasion, ShradhaAgarwal, co-founder and the brains behind the innovation said, “we are constantly striving to bring the platform of ‘innovation’ to life for NEXA Blue through various digital activities. Twitter threads provided the perfect opportunity on World Earth Day, where we not only helped our audience understand their own planet a little better, but also put forth an interesting innovation, all through the lens of the color blue.”
Partner us as Nexa welcomes you to take this breathtaking journey of innovation that has always been a part and parcel of this color’s history. Dive and soak in as we reveal to you the world waiting to be seen – the #WorldOfNEXABlue.

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