Campus Shoes campaign ‘Ab Waqt Hai Hamara’ celebrates the undying spirit of talented Indian youth


Campus Shoes, India’s premier and fastest growing sports shoe brand has launched a new campaign Ab Waqt Hai Hamara’ that recognises the immense talent pool across genres in the country and the fact that with grit, determination, focus and hard work, success will follow.   

Elaborating on the campaign, Nikhil Agarwal, Managing Director, Campus Shoes, says, “India is a young nation with more than 60 per cent of its population below 35 years. Most of these youngsters hail from smaller towns and cities and have a strong desire for making it to the best in their respective chosen fields. The campaign epitomizes the fact that the right time has come to seize the moment for oneself, i.e., ‘Ab Waqt Hai Hamara’.”

“The campaign highlights the fact that a razor-sharp focus, sweat and toil are the essential ingredients for results, fame and recognition. It is also about grabbing the opportunity and staying true to one’s course,” adds Nikhil.

Nikhil Aggarwal, CEO, CAPL

The TVC created by Ogilvy India captures the efforts and training regime of sportsmen and women across Cricket, Football, Boxing and B – Boying and is shot across Chambal and Agra. It features cricket bowler Gaurav Sharma, boxer Harsh Gill, footballer Leishi Pam and B-Boying girl Simran who are state-level players and participated in the Asian Games as well. By showcasing real people and their sincere efforts, Campus Shoes clearly spreads the message across, “With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything.”

Since last year, Campus Shoes has been rigorously working to reposition itself as a brand that is very modern and youthful and one which offers premium quality at affordable prices. In 2017, the brand launched exclusive ‘Camptech’ technology-based shoes in the market. These shoes are made from superior and breathable fabric, have reduced bending resistance and more slip resistance for enhanced performance and are a perfect fit for the active lifestyle of young India.

Targeting the youth aged between 18-35 years, the campaign ‘Ab Waqt Hai Hamara’ is running on various channels and will also be brought alive through activations and events planned through different mediums.


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