Changing the world of videos

We live in a world where smartphone users are on the lookout to build a social media presence with creative imagery. To match the ever-evolving demands of users, and to expand and retain the existing user-base, smartphone companies as well as app-makers are continuously innovating and brining in new products with advanced features.

We came across one such app recently and had quite a gala time using it. LIKE, a Singapore-based special effect video editing tool with diverse unique special effects, allows users to showcase their creative side to the world via the medium of videos. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the features’ list ranges from Music Magic filters, AR effects with 4D magic to a vast library of dynamic stickers that is updated regularly to include new ones.

The app has quite an easy-to-use interface making it super-easy for users to make their videos entertaining.


One can get capturing the moment the app is launched; even without creating an account! Add stickers and emojis to photos/videos that track your face and a lot more to make the capture immediately stand out.Videos can also be made to run in slow motion, or in reverse, or even speed it up. There are also options to add filters, subtitles or a background score to it.


However, there was one very interesting feature that we tried, which was the Superme feature. It comes with cutting-edge game engine technology to realize real-time interactive image application processing which offers an innovative option to combine photo-editing with video creation. With this feature, users can easily transfer a 2D image to a 3D video – photo processing can now be done with a single click. Superme adds a premium in-app experience that no other app in India provides. The feature includes four series (Love, Creative, Cool and Funny) of over 80 exquisite and interesting effects. Our personal favourites were ‘Butterfly Illusion’ and ‘Star Ocean.


We really ‘LIKEd’ the app. You should try it too! (Download:Android/iOS)

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