London based Qyuki creator Laughing Ananas joins hands with Captain Nick to break stereotypes and tickle our funny bones.

MatajiQyuki creator and Internet sensation, Laughing Ananas, launched her latest video in collaboration with Captain Nick. The artist originally hails from London, and is known to poke fun at the reality she faces in her day to day life. In September 2018, Laughing Ananas was among the winners of YouTube NextUp #WomenToWatch and earned the achievement of being Europe’s 20 most impactful channels.

The videos on her channel are mostly a funny take on the daily life situations, and this former Psychologist aims to use her platform to speak about her passion topics such as Gender Equality, Mental Health and Bullying (online and offline), and help drive a social change for the better.

Her latest video called “Mataji vs Mom” focusses on saying NO to gossip, judgment and hate speech. It’s a hilarious take on how even though women greet each other nicely and indulge in small talk, deep inside they’re solely judging each other based on their appearances and misinformation. Popular YouTuber ‘Captain Nick’ plays the role of “Mataji” and delivers some hilarious one-liners. The chemistry of this duo was exceptionally fun and quirky, as also evident in the bloopers.

Speaking about the video Laughing Ananas said, “The idea is to break out of this ugly habit of backbiting and judging people through this piece of content, I’d feel like I’ve actively driven a positive social change.”
Speaking on the video, Qyuki Media COO, Sagar Gokhale said, “Laughing Ananas is a promising comedy creator on our network, who tries to spread awareness about social issues in a comedy format and this collaboration with Captain Nick shows a unique presentation of a social issue”


About Qyuki Digital: Qyuki is a cross-platform media network across digital, live, TV and film founded by AR Rahman, Samir Bangara and Shekhar Kapur. The Company uses proprietary technology and analytics to discover and promote digital superstars and manages the end to end value chain for them across traditional and new media platforms. Recently, in association with YouTube, Qyuki launched Jammin- India’s largest digital musical property, where legendary Bollywood composers and India’s top internet youth icons collaborate to create original tracks. Fronted by legendary composer and maestro AR Rahman, Bollywood biggies such as Salim Sulaiman, Clinton Cerejo and Mithoon team up with digital stars Darshan Raval, Shraddha Sharma, and others. In a recent ranking by YouTube India, Qyuki had two of the top 3 fastest growing channels in the country while on Facebook, its’ managed talent FunkYou grew over 1500x to 8 MILLION fans in one year. Qyuki prides itself in being a creator-focused company with Darshan Raval, Ritu Agarwal, Funk You, Shraddha Sharma and Motorbeam being some of the largest digital brands managed by Qyuki. The Company’s Agency business has also executed some of the largest branded content projects with clients like Coca-Cola, Olx, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Colgate, Moneycontrol among others.



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