ShivyaPathania and Himanshu Soni roped in for COLORS’ magnum opus Ram SiyaKe Luv Kush

Himanshu Soni as Ram in Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush.jpgCOLORS’ upcoming magnum opus Ram SiyaKe Luv Kush will recreate the journey of the mighty Lord Ram-Sita through the lens of Luv and Kush. An artistic rendition of the revered Hindu scripture, Ramayan, with Ram and Sita at its center will bring alive the virtues of faith, love, bravery, brotherhood and sacrifice. To bring out the essence of the holy scripture, the makers have paid intricate attention to details from costumes, sets, jewelry, music and even casting. Himanshu Soni and ShivyaPathania has been roped in to play the role of Ram and Sita in the show.

Commenting on playing Sita, ShivyaPathania says, “It gives me immense pride to play the role of Sita in COLORS’ Ram SiyaKe Luv Kush. Playing the role of a woman, who is worshiped for the battles she fought for her people and the strength she displayed at every step is an honor. Her kindness, bravery, dedication, simplicity along with decision making skills has been such an important part of our Hindu mythology, which makes this so much more challenging. The grandeur of the show along with the concept will make for a soulful treat for our audience.”

Shivya Pathania as Sita in Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush.jpg

Himanshu Soni who will be seen as Ram, said,” Playing the role of Lord Ram COLORS’ Ram SiyaKe Luv Kush has been a learning experience for me so far. I have played mythological characters before but this one is different. It shows the journey of Ram Sita through the lens of Luv and Kush, which makes this a unique proposition. The magnitude of the show is beyond imagination and will be a visual treat for viewers.’’

Become a part of this beautiful journey Ram SiyaKe Luv Kush, every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm starting 5th August, only on COLORS.


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