Vigo Video is India’s fastest-growing short-video platform, connecting real people with real stories from their community. Vigo Video brings Indians together through entertaining and heartfelt visual stories, brought to life through professional editing tools, creative stickers, awesome filters and special effects. With its India headquarters based in Mumbai, Vigo Video is available on iOS and Google Play Store.vigo 5

Short-video format has increasingly gained popularity among Indian internet users to share their views and opinions about what’s important and matters to them.  One such user is a popular content creator is Hemchand Saini, who uses the Vigo app, to share his views on societal issues and an interesting take on various day to day situations.

Based in Rajasthan, Hemchand creates videos that portray various stigmas and societal norms. The videos give us a brief understanding of the unwanted elements of society and how he tries to fight them by showing it in a bad light. The video highlights the social stigmas of the society like dowry, child abuse and many more.

Vigo app as a video platform has enabled its users to express their ideas and life stories. Speaking about his overall journey, Hemchand Saini shares, “Vigo is a great platform for all those who want to speak their mind and share their real stories. I started as a viewer but the interesting content available on the app excited me to curate my videos to share my thoughts and opinion about what I stand for. I am really happy to have used Vigo as a medium to inspire so many people with my content.”

Links to the videos

  1. https://www.vigovideo.net/hotsoon/s/F8YhKVpjLZ7/
  2. https://www.vigovideo.net/hotsoon/s/wRNHI3lkLZ7/
  3. https://www.vigovideo.net/hotsoon/s/oddyq8gkLZ7/


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