For Rashmi Jha Silence is Golden

RASHMI JHA (1) (1).jpeg

Ace of Space 2 house is full of twists and turns, the reality show is gaining more popularity because of the content it offers to the viewers. Mastermind Vikas Gupta has succeeded in adding up the flavors to the show with his surprises and unique tasks. The pattern of the show has hooked the viewers. Ace of Space 2 has welcomed another wild card entry, social media star Adnaan Shaikh.


Rashmi Jha, a strong contender for winning the show, has been seen getting along very well with all the houseguests and she has placed herself in the good-books of all. In the previous week, Rashmi got the 4th position and was the only one who could judge her correct position. Rashmi played her task with utmost dedication even though she got injured she didn’t lose hope. Rashmi Jha’s genuine personality has not only won the hearts of the audiences but also of the houseguests.

Rashmi Jha’s silence is actually creating a lot of noise and chatter, and the fans are excited to see whether Rashmi’s silence proves to be gold for her.

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