7 tips to keep in mind while traveling with elders

Elderly couple sitting on the shore
There is no right or wrong age to travel. Travel is something that all age groups enjoy. It is a time that brings families together and creates memories that will last for life. Having said that, there are certain things to keep in mind while traveling with elders to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable trip. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when you travel with elders:
1) Choose the destination wisely
It is very important to choose the destination wisely when you’re traveling with elders. Certain places are just not convenient for them. For instance, they might not prefer adventure too much.So, pick places that are not too adventurous and put emphasis on spending quality time together. Do involve them in the decision-making process as they would feel very happy and enthusiastic about the trip.

2) Pick a convenient mode of travel
Select mode of travel that is comfortable for the elders that you are traveling with. Check with them about their preference. You have options to travel by air, road or train. All travel options usually have offers for senior citizens and that can be researched while making bookings. Ensure that the travel time is not too long.If in case it happens to bea long journey, make sure that there are adequate breaks so that they can freshen up. If you choose to travel by air, all airlines provide travel assistance for senior citizens.Do avail them to make their travel hassle-free and comfortable. However, the advantage of going on a road trip with them is that you can stop as and when they’d require. Also, you can take as many restroom halts or just casual breaks.

3) Pack essentials needed
Depending on the place you wish to travel,pack accordingly. If you are traveling to a place that is going to be cold, then ensure adequate warm clothing is packed for the elders. If they take medicines everyday, make sure they have packed all the medicines they need including any emergency medications. Also, it is a good practice to consult their doctor and inform them about the travel so that they can educate you about any precautions that need to be taken. Also, pack a few food items just in case they do not take to the food in the place you are traveling to.

4) Request hotels for any special assistance needed
Inform hotels before traveling that you will be accompanied by elders and let them know of any special requests you might have like getting a room that is on the ground floor or something close to the restaurant. Also, it is a good idea to check whether the hotel you are staying in offers food that elders of your house are used to eating. It is also advisable to explore restaurants close to your stay that offer the preferable food.Try to pick a hotel that is close to all the locations you wish to visit during your stay as this will help you to cut down on the local travel time.

5) Spend quality time
In a very busy day-to-day life, you might not get to spend too much time with the elders of the house. Consider the vacation as an opportunity to spend quality time with them. It’s not all about how many places you have visited while on vacation but it is about how much you have enjoyed. Sit with them and have a chat. Elders of the house would often have a lot of stories to tell from their past experiences of life. May be you can help them relive some of those experiences while on the trip.

6) Keep Buffer time
Do not be in a hurry to see a lot of things in one day. Keep some buffer time. Plan for rest hours in the day so the elders can take a nap or just rest up for a little while before you start doing touristy things again.

7) Create an itinerary that is travel-friendly for elders
While planning for the locations to visit in your chosen destination, pick places that are travel-friendly for the senior citizens. You don’t want to reach a particular location and realise that the elders will not be comfortable visiting that location. Make sure you learn about the place completely. Try to speak with locals in helping you plan better. As they know the place better, they will assist you with the right information. Also, a great thing would be to hire local guides so that they can assist you in any emergencies and provide you with a certain level of comfort.
Travel startups like ScoutMyTrip have planned several trips for elders as they offer a customised travel experience along with the assistance of a Scout. If you’re looking for a travel expert to assist you or to help you make alterations to your plan on the go, then they’re the right people!
You can also download the app and get insider access to the planner along with free destination advice from their travel experts.

It’s always nice toensure that someone is accompanying the eldersso that they don’t feel lonely in a new place. After all they might require support in case of any inconveniences they might have during the trip. So, start planning your trip now and make it a trip to remember!

Article by – Co-founder Mr Vineet Rajan ScoutMyTrip.

ScoutMyTrip link- https://scoutmytrip.com/

Image credit: 123rf (https://www.123rf.com/stock-photo/senior_indian_couple_travel.html?oriSearch=senior+indian+couple+holiday&sti=ndzwcjvkod0bone81j|&mediapopup=39511225)

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