KidzByte Launches India’s First App-based Kids’ Knowledge & News TV Channel

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KidzByte, India’s first knowledge and news aggregator for children, today launched India’s first only-for-kids app-based knowledge and news channel – KidzByte TV, at an event in Press Club Mumbai. While KidzByte provides curated knowledge and news bites, it has started yet another stream where knowledge sharing will happen through kid knowledge anchors exclusively through an App-based TV.

The channel was unveiled by kid anchors Vivaan Goel, Shaunak Kanavia, Dania Mascarenhas, Joanne Joseph and Shawna Mascarenhas, along with Mr Chetan D’Souza, Founder and CEO, KidzByte and Mr Swagat Salunke, Co-Founder.

KidzByte is India’s first non-academic tech-based knowledge platform for kids between 8 to 17 years. It is on a mission to making kids future-ready and make them take up competitive examinations and environment by enhancing their knowledge quotient. It will make them responsible global citizens as well. KidzByte aims to utilise kids’ digital talent and enhance their screen time. While there are many edu apps that provide academic content, KidzByte is the first Indian app that takes care of kids’ non – academic needs where they need to skill – up. It recently unveiled its new avatar and added multiple offerings to its core app to provide kids with dynamic user experience.

Addressing the need for such kind of initiative, Mr Chetan D’Souza said, “Absence of a kids-centric, dedicated news sharing platform, either newspapers, online or television, which could have provided credible knowledge-gathering source to them, was a key deterrent in the kids’ non-academic growth. It only affirmed our belief that a lack of ‘only-for-news’ forum was one of the major reasons why school-going kids were drifting away from news reading that was impacting their knowledge gathering ability and skills.”

Commenting further on KidzByte’s advantage, Chetan added, “While there are too many players cluttering the Learning space, we are glad to have found our own niche in the Knowledge space for kids. From initially reaching out to parents, we now plan to reach out to schools and other educational institutions, which are on the lookout for learning beyond books.”

Launched in July 2018, KidzByte has over one lakh registered users on the platform, consuming their daily dose of current events and GK-based content across a range of categories, including Career & Education, India & World, Science & Discovery, Earth & Environment, Sports & Games, Health & Lifestyle, Vocab Lab and Brain Train, delivered across three formats – Text, Edutaining Videos & Audio. Every student participating on the platform also gets their own Progress Report & Knowledge Graph tracked on a real-time basis.

The recently launched KidzByte TV, an exclusive video channel where content ‘For Kids’, is created ‘By Kids’! This new-age experiential learning format helps students learn to communicate clearly and express themselves creatively. This exercise helps in strengthening their confidence, teaches how to deal with nerves as well as work on coordination, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

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