Kearney India hosted International Womens’Day Forum 2020

Kearney India hosted an event in Mumbai during the week of this International Women’s Day (IWD). It was the IWD Forum 2020, on the 5th of March (JW Marriott, Sahar, Mumbai).

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The global theme of this year’s forum is “Be Bold, Make Change”, and the event in Mumbai was a half-day long one. They has a sellar line-up of speakers and panelists, all of whom are not only industry stalwarts from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, but also highly experienced speakers capable of holding and captivating a room.


Shipra Biswas Bhattacharyya, Principal, and Lead, Women’s Consulting Network, Kearney India, said, “Happiness is in little things. It comes from what we do, what we love and what we hope for. As we gear up for International Women’s Day, there are tremendous learnings that I gathered from Kearney India’s IWD Mumbai 2020 that we hosted on March 5. Although the world won’t change overnight, it’s time we stand up for what we want and what we deserve.” “And  most importantly, continue to stay authentic and share our experiences. We grow through support, and with every little story that we live and share,” she added.

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Reclaim your choices and maximize your potential Speaker: Apurva Purohit, Business Leader and Author Over spoke how most organizations in recent years have started to focus on diversity as they realize they will be able to build successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses only when they have access to a larger and more diverse talent pool. However, the proportion of women in middle management and above remains in the dismal single digits. What’s holding women back from achieving their full potential despite a stated intention from all stakeholders to close the gender gap? Often, when it comes to the women themselves, it’s a series of subconscious biases that exist in their minds. She posed questions on whether understanding these be an important step for them to navigate the contemporary work environment and eventually hold equal status across all rungs of the professional ladder.



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u 7Kaushika Madhavan, Managing Director and Country Head, said, “It’s a great time for men and women alike as the gender boundaries are merging, and we are working as allies. The diversity dialogue is changing. Businesses and individuals prefer to focus more on skills, competency and output. Objectivity is what will keep the conversation on track. We are looking forward to great times ahead, where competency wins and genders are not called out.”


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