Till We Meet Again

BBC 2 has supported India born singer- songwriter Druv Kent releases a stirring COVID-inspired, blues and roots-oriented anthemic song ‘Till We Meet Again’.
‘Till We Meet Again’ captures that sense of distance we feel from those we feel so close to, but are physically unable to be with given our locked down world.
The song was conceived, written, produced, recorded, filmed and released in the last three weeks, all since the onset of quarantine.
The song grabs you with its opening lines “Will a crowded restaurant ever feel the same … Will the kiss of a stranger have beauty again”, framing the context of some of the poetic questions we ask ourselves in today’s unalterably changed world.
The rising chorus offers a release with “Take this weight off my shoulders, I need to breathe again”, speaking to the burden we are all carrying as we brave our way as normally as possible through what is an unprecedented crisis.
The track’s hooky groove is enhanced by a beguiling low register hum complemented by the sublime bass and scorching lead guitar of Druv Kent Band members David Ng and Lebbeus Lau, recorded from their homes, all contributing to the increasing velocity of the song as it raises to a climax.
The music video is an amalgamation of intimate contributory clips shot from the homes of various friends, family and fans from across the world – holding pictures of and expressing messages to the people they can’t wait to see.
The song blends a smoky blues feel, full of space, with a soaring chorus strung together by some amazing guitar riffs.
This song is a precursor to the much- anticipated 4-song Druv Kent EP ‘Don’t Burn Away’, previously scheduled for release Apr 2020 with a series of live events in India, Singapore & London. The ‘Don’t Burn Away’ EP release is now set for Jun 2020 with a series of online gigs.
After Druv’s singles ‘Glitter & Dynamite’, ‘Long When We’re Gone’, ‘Back Home’, ‘I’m Still Riding’, ‘What It’s All About’ and ‘Little Bit of God’ cracked open the UK, Australia and international markets to a unique voice of socially-relevant contemporary music, Druv delivered two Hindi songs in 2019, a cricket world cup anthem and ‘Hindustan Meri Jaan’, that took the Indian music scene by storm. The Druv Kent Band has performed in the UK, Europe, Dubai, HK & India and Singapore’s biggest stages. They recently headlined the Asia Television Awards and the Kasauli LitFest.

Enclose the final links for the song:

1. The audio link : Till We Meet Again (Soundcloud): https://bit.ly/2T34QyP

2. The video is here: Till We Meet Again (Video): https://bit.ly/2XltGv6

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