Doori Banaye Rakhna Song by “Help Uddaan Foundation”

Help Uddaan Foundation is Indian Non-Profit Organization(NGO), registered under Section-8 in India. We aim at providing employment and employment needs to villages in India to end the increasing poverty. In villages many people survive on less than Rs. 100 per day. They live without financial tools and basic services which makes their lives better. Help Uddaan Foundation aims to helping and overcoming these problems and making better lives. We tackle such problems by market based solutions, including micro finances and social enterprises.
In the time of COVID-19 we have provided more than 700 families with food for the next month. We have also donated more than 300 masks and sanitisers to police and needy ones.
We need your help, we need to spread the message that we can overcome this virus and that Help Uddaan Foundation is always there to help you.
A song can connect millions of lives and we can save those lives together. We need your support in the promotion of our music video, so that it reaches millions.

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