Staying Ahead through Innovative Campaigns during Covid 19 | EveryMedia Technologies

Exclusive Conversation – Gautam B Thakker, CEO, Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Everymedia is one of the top media agencies. How do you ensure to be ahead of the curve during these testing times?

Our people are our strength. There have been challenges that have cropped up every day but we have found a way to work together cohesively. When you have people who believe in working diligently regardless of the absence of an office environment, it automatically translates into productivity. Multiple departments in our organisation have made sure that they utilise the facilities technology has given us and come out as winners with every step we take.


  1. What will be the long-term impact of COVID 19 on media strategies?

This pandemic and the restrictions that initially came with it have made us dictate terms that are more defined. Consumers have become more cautious and will want the ROI (Return On Investment) to be clearly articulated. As we go through this war that has been waged globally, the consumer wants to know what they will receive for every rupee they are spending.

We must respect their thoughts and make sure that they understand the product/service we are providing them. The lockdown has impacted our thought processes and this defined strategy is something that is going to be in effect for a long time to come.


  1. COVID-19 is the biggest driver of digital transformation. Which are the sectors that will shine post-COVID 19?

Almost every sector is going to shine post COVID-19. The world of E-commerce will lead the pack as it is already ahead in the digital space. This mammoth of an industry will be followed by others of its likeness such as the FMCG, Auto, Technology and Media companies and lastly, Hospitality. The latter one might take some time to catch up by over a quarter.


  1. Why should brands include OTT in their marketing strategy?

Consuming strong content from all over the world that is available on one’s fingertips had become a way of life even before we stepped into the lockdown. And now, since people are confined to their homes, the consumption rate of OTT platforms has significantly increased. People cannot enter movie theatres so the easiest form of entertainment that they have access to is through OTT which brings the movie watching experience in their homes. For the time being, it acts as a replacement for theatres and therefore, it makes sense that we use it to grab as many eyeballs as possible.


  1. Please share your success story of the most innovative recent campaign.

More than just one campaign, I think what has really stepped up our game internally is engaging the audience while not compromising too much on interaction. For instance: We recently started working on Ram Madhvani Films, and one of things that has been done for their upcoming show, Aarya is a virtual press conference. The objective remains same, which is information exchange and visibility but ensuring that engagement also did not suffer has opened the avenue for more innovative thinking


  1. What Comes Next for Everymedia Technologies

To be honest, we are taking this one day at a time. All of us are being affected by the lockdown but our primary goal is to ensure that our people are taken care of. It is to make sure that we are a financially sound and responsible company catering to both our internal as well as external stakeholders and creating value for them. We believe in staying ahead of the curve as much as possible by offering innovations and insightful business strategies and are trying to do just that.

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