Brand Sentry, a boutique Marketing Communications Agency Blooms during the Pandemic

Mumbai based Publicist, Vishakha Mota and Digital Marketeer, Zohair Shaikh turn entrepreneurs during the lockdown launching the futuristic Marcomm Agency, Brand Sentry. With passion at the centre of their services, they craft strategies that help you build a brand and give it an identity that’s unmissed and irresistible.

Vocal for Local being a new era for the country, Brand Sentry aims at helping small brands stand out in the rather cluttered market keeping the glasses of responsible marketing and communications always on. They are a team of skilled and talented experts ready to take on the responsibility of helping entrepreneurs make informed decisions for their brands. They combine the two most powerful tools storytelling and technology, to make your brand’s vision come to life.

Having locked three different clients in the first month of operations, the duo is looking forward to changing the narrative of Public Relations and Digital Marketing through the post Covid era.

Vishakha Mota, Co-Founder “Being an entrepreneur and having an agency that works towards bringing about a change by creating a larger impact has been on My To Do for the last 8 years. I worked and trained under some veterans in the industry across sectors over the past few years to understand the market and find my niche. With Brand Sentry, my aim is to bring to life a responsible era of communications especially now when it’s the need of the hour more than ever.”

Zohair Shaikh, Co-Founder said, “Being an entrepreneur is all about seeing positive in the worst of situations and turning it into favorable situations. Many industries have been affected and many have seen a halt during the Covid Era however, it does not and should not stop entrepreneurs from finding solutions and turning this into an opportunity. We aim to build towards a company that helps brands take informed decisions that acts as a string of confidence between them and its customers.”

Brand Sentry aims at being the maven for the brands that help them develop a character that the audience resonates and connects with.

About Brand Sentry:

A full-service Marketing and communications agency based out of Mumbai. With passion at the centre of our services, we craft result oriented strategies that help in building a suitable brand identity for you that is unmissed, irresistible and cuts right through the clutter. We make thoughts and ideas a reality with the help of your trust and our expertise.

Brand Sentry is a team of young and talented experts, ready to take on the responsibility of helping you make informed decisions for your brands. With our evolving ideas to match the pace of the times and our rich experience, we relentlessly work on helping you achieve your brand goals by providing just the right mix of subtle yet disruptive campaigns designed to grab eyeballs. We combine the two most powerful tools storytelling and technology to make your vision come to life.

At Brand Sentry, we believe the only acceptable outcome is the best one!

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