Interview with Nischit Suri (CMO, Men Swag)

Personal grooming guides as well as steps to keeping well-kempt

Autumn Skin Care

Autumn skincare for men helps keep your face hydrated all season long through the usage of quality products like cleansers, scrubs, shampoo and moisturizers.

When dry and cooler air comes to, the skin may lose valuable moisture. Autumn also provides an opportunity to urge over the summer toll on the skin left by sun, chlorine and saltwater.

Autumn Hair care

Hair in autumn can be a finicky beast: frizzy, dry and unmanageable. Maybe it’s the higher altitudes playing havoc with your follicles, or perhaps it’s all those pumpkin lattes you consumed?

Choose hair care products that add moisture. If you’re not already using a shampoo for dry hair, you should switch to one during the autumn and winter months.

 A few general tips…

·        It’s Time for a Trim

·        Apply  Hair Oil

·        Use a Treatment Mask

·        Fight the Frizz

For the Well Groomed Personality

It’s the season for men to take care of their skin. The mornings have become darker, the skies are turning grey, and there’s a definite chill in the air. With Autumn descending upon us, now is the time to give your grooming routine a serious rethink in order to ensure that your skin, hair and everything else are well-prepared for the change in climate. Good clothes, well groomed face make a good impression but invest in buying some really good shoes that make their presence felt as well.

Quick Takes…

·         Stay Clean

·        Love your Skin and look after your hair

·        Master the art of shaving & trimming

·        Getting a manicure and pedicure is just as important as getting a haircut or grooming your facial hair to look a certain way

·        Use the right scent

·        Love and respect yourself

Product Story

The focus was to make a unique result oriented natural product range that men can use daily for a deep relaxing and revitalizing care, our range of products are focused on men’s basic problems that drive them insane and our products were focused on providing such results to them that they not only love but grow with our product range. The product range was focused on an easy to use and a sensational result producing range.

The product’s story started as a surprise to our investor’s problem of not finding quality results producing body care that he could use daily. We came up with this amazing product range for him that he could use but as we presented him his love for the product and the simplicity of the product usage led to a consistentbody care that cleansed and replenished the whole body of a man. All our products are paraben free and crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Our products are results driven and easy to use packaging and usage making a product that you use consistently and builds value results.

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