Shaping Careers with Hybrid Learning Solutions – Pace IIT & Medical

Pandemic has given education industry a great momentum. One of the most illustrious coaching
institutes which has carved its own niche and remarkable achievements is Pace IIT & Medical. The
recently appointed Twitter CEO, Mr Parag Agarwal is an alumni of Pace IIT and Medical. It is a
testament of their commitment, vision and dedication.

PACE IIT & Medical, established in 1999, has fostered admirable heights to become one of the best
coaching institutes in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune and other cities of India and Dubai. This coaching
institute for IIT JEE, NEET, AIIMS, International Olympiads and Study Abroad programs has been
producing outstanding results for 20 illustrious years.

The core pillars of their foundation are student – centric customised approach. The program is
engaging and tailor made to suit the requirements of the students and has feedback- driven
mechanism. Their team comprises of highly qualified renowned professors, IITians and doctorates.

At Pace IIT & Medical, their vision is to become the best brand in the education industry for
Engineering, Medical & Study Abroad aspirants and turn their dreams into reality by providing the
highest quality of education.

Mr. Sarit Agarwal (Regional Head, Pace IIT & Medical) is a visionary and charismatic leader with over
two decades of experience. Passionate about providing access to quality education, he strives
towards creating innovative solutions which drastically improves teaching and learning. He currently
heads 6 centres of PACE IIT & Medical which are Thane – Station Road Centre, Thane- Ghodbunder
Road Centre, Kalyan Centre, Palava Dombivli Centre, Airoli Centre and Mulund Centre
Since he started heading these centres, he has been giving numerous results in both engineering and
medical entrance examinations every year and he has taken all his centres to new heights both in
terms of results and imparting quality education under his supervision.
He strongly advocates Hybrid Model of Teaching and Learning.

It is a blend of online and offline learning methods. Its effective amalgamation of traditional
classroom methods, experimental learning objectives and digital learning to foster holistic
development of students makes it a popular phenomenon. The classes are strategically structured to
ensure an understanding of the fundamental concepts. Hybrid Teaching Model offers the best of
both worlds – It takes learning pace into consideration, optimises time and blends it beautifully with
personal element of live environment with human perspective. Counselling, doubts lectures,,
mentoring, motivational talks are organised frequently.

Mr Agarwal has been instrumental in partnering with various govt institutions for making education
accessible and more affordable. A student’s fee was waived off on sudden demise of his father. He
proudly stands tall today with All India Rank 5 * . Mr Agarwal’s kind gesture speaks volumes of the
core values of the institute which has legacy of achievers. Education Leaders like him are shaping the
careers of several aspirants, impacting future and creating real assets of the country.

Pace IIT & Medical has cutting edge Hybrid programs to impart 21st Century Engineering and
Medical skills and is ahead of the curve with their innovative learning solutions. They have adapted to the current scenario and leveraging it successfully.

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