Naiknavare Developers launch ‘Kutumb’, India’s first Intergenerational Community at Talegaon, Pune

Community at Talegaon, Pune

A modern take on our traditional Joint Family Living strengthened through an

Organised Services Partner, powered by Primus

Dr. Mohan Agashe, well-known actor and psychiatrist to be the face of Kutumb

Pune | August 10, 2022: Naiknavare Developers, renowned for its well-thought-out community-
centric residential and commercial projects in Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Goa have
launched India’s first-of-its-kind theme-based project, Kutumb – an intergenerational community
project – in collaboration with Primus – a Bangalore-based company focused on senior
care/intergenerational living. Located in Talegaon, Pune, spread over 16 acres, Naiknavare’s Kutumb
project will offer a vast array of housing options such as rowhouses, townhouses, duplexes,
apartments and NA fully serviced plots.
The intent of both Naiknavare Developers and Primus for this exciting project is to reintroduce and
promote the union of the traditional Indian joint family system with a modern approach that
encompasses a service-based solution essential to allow each generation to enjoy the stability of a
joint family and the independence of a nuclear family, the Intergenerational living concept. Being a
pioneer in creating senior living communities in India through technology-based solutions, Primus
has laid special focus on building an ecosystem that enables physical and mental health comfort,
which is of utmost concern to the elderly population.

To successfully implement the Intergenerational Living concept, a unique collaborative approach has
been preferred. It’s an amalgamation of an experienced developer (Naiknavare Developers) to craft
the well-planned built environment, basically the hardware and a dedicated Service Provider
(Primus) experienced in providing nuanced care across the three generations which is the core of the
concept – the software. Together, it’s a perfect combination for discerning home buyers across
Speaking on the Intergenerational Living concept, Hemant Naiknavare, Director, Naiknavare
Developers, said, “At Naiknavare, we are embarking on a journey to restore enriched and holistic
lifestyles by serving multiple populations with the idea of intergenerational communities. We are
extremely excited to launch India’s first-of-its-kind theme-based aspirational project Kutumb
powered by Primus. Kutumb is a modern take on our traditional joint family system superimposed
with a service layer. It has evolved from our personal experience of living in an intergenerational
setup. This platform based tie-up with Primus will lend itself to creating many such enriching lifestyle
based communities across Pune.”
The Indian urban environment is evolving rapidly with increased work pressure and modern
lifestyles family time and togetherness is the biggest casualty. This in turn influences mental and
physical health, income levels, social fabric of societies and lifestyles as a whole. Loneliness amongst
the seniors and the younger ones is a bigger pandemic than the one we have just experienced and
has a widespread impact on lifespans in all societies. This has made us sensitive to the evolving

needs of urban living. Uniting the generations will help build a safety net for the children as well as
the parents and the grandparents. This realization gave birth to the concept of intergenerational
housing, a concept meant for three generations. It’s high time we go back to our roots and
rediscover the lost connection that we valued most. It’s high time we have an ecosystem where
three generations live together without depending on each other for essential services. Organized
Intergenerational living will make it possible.”

Commenting on the launch of Kutumb, Adarsh Narhari, Managing Director, Primus, said, “Our
objective, as an organization, has always been to deliver solutions that cater to senior care with due
concern for crafting the most efficient and comfortable experiences. Through Kutumb, too, we have
ensured building an ecosystem where all generations get to live their best lives together in our care.
Thus far, we have received an exceptional response for such projects and are now looking forward to
the launch of Kutumb.”
Naiknavare Developers hosted a panel discussion to highlight the intergenerational living concept
and sensitize the topic “The Evolving Needs of Urban Living; Intergenerational Housing – A Way
Forward”. Various experts from the field of real estate, urban living, specialized service provision,
medical and psychological care, deep-dived into the topic to highlight the core concept and
advantages of such an ecosystem. Some of the panelists were Mr. Hemant Naiknavare, Director,
Naiknavare Developers; Mr. Sunil Rohokale, CEO & Managing Director ASK Realty; Dr. Mohan
Agashe, well-known actor and psychiatrist; Mr. Adarsh Narhari (Managing Director), Primus and Mrs.
Amruta Ruikar, Head – International Admissions and International Promotions, Symbiosis
International University.

Naiknavare Developers focus on building spaces that deliver convenience, comfort, functionality,
and a quality lifestyle. Kutumb continues to be the realization of Naiknavare Developers plan to grow
through the development of high-quality, affordable, and holistic homes and commercial spaces.
What sets apart this collaborative project is the fact that homebuyers would get access to 24×7
medical facilities, a day-care centre for kids, engaging activities for families, detox services,
telemedicine facility, in-house restaurants equipped to prepare nutritious meals, concierge services
for running day-to-day errands, and cleaning & maintenance services. Kutumb is planned with a
plethora of top-notch amenities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, jogging/walking track, kid’s play
area, clubhouse with multipurpose hall, party lawn, gardens, and provides great connectivity to the
rest of the city by road.
About Naiknavare Developers
Naiknavare Developers was established in 1986 in Pune, Maharashtra, by Shri D.P. Naiknavare a.k.a.
Dadasaheb along with his two sons Hemant Naiknavare and Ranjit Naiknavare, and daughter-in-law
Gauri Naiknavare. Since commencement to date, Naiknavare Developers have completed 50
projects across five cities. Other than creating residential and commercial projects, the developers
also build schools, hotels, and business centres that are considerate of the changing urban and peri-
urban real estate needs. Naiknavare’s vision is to cater to every part of society by building projects
and creating community-based amenities that enhance an overall sense of wellbeing in society.


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