Cambridge English Language Assessment launches a series of Webinars for teachers

Cambridge English Language Assessment (Part of the University of Cambridge) organises a lot of events to support teacher development worldwide every year. The events range from seminars for teachers, attendance at local, national and international English language teaching events, and the organisation of the major testing and assessment conferences.


With the increasing use of technology, Cambridge English Language Assessment has launched a webinar calendar for teachers as a part of this teacher development initiative.This decision has come about after discovering that there was a need for skills development through online resources, rather than only having events at key cities. This is a programme of webinars that the educators can attend from the comfort of their office or home.Cambridge English now offers educators the opportunity to access webinars on topics relevant to them without having to travel to attend the same.  All they would require in order to attend a webinar session is a computer with internet access. For audio interaction a microphone enabled headset can be used. Most of the webinars are repeated multiple times so each educator can choose the date most convenient to them. They need to just visit  to select and register for the schedule by clicking on the “Register Now” button.


The Cambridge English events calendar also includes regular seminars and teacher support programmes in multiple locations across the country, details of which can be accessed


T.K Arunachalam, Regional Director – South Asia, Cambridge English Language Assessment says, “In the course of our regular communication with representatives from educational institutions, we discovered that there was a need for resources and training about the Cambridge English exams and the various skills training. As we wanted to reach out to as many educators as possible across India, we chose to go with the idea of webinars, which can be accessed by anyone at a schedule convenient to them. This is an excellent way to access information which might otherwise be a challenge, due to time or place constraints.”


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