On the occasion of World Cancer Day, 4th February 2017, Asian Cancer Institute (ACI) launched a dedicated Daycare centre for Chemotherapy & Cancer care at Borivali. This is Mumbai’s first state of the art smart cancer care centre that will provide facilities closer to home. With the aim to not only provide regular chemotherapy sessions but also evaluating patients for treatments, tests and diagnosis will be conducted at this outreach program cum daycare centre.l-to-r-coo-of-asian-cancer-institute-mr-rahul-dutta-dr-sanjay-sharma-director-and-head-nech-oncosurgeon-dr-deepak-parik-director-dr-ramakant-deshpande-executive-vice-c

In any type of cancer approximately 50% patients need chemotherapy at least once in their lifetime. Regular Chemotherapy for a general patient lasts at least for 6 sessions. For each of this chemotherapy, the patient has to travel all the way to hospitals. Accessibility to quality cancer care is a challenge in our country and smart cancer centres intend to address the same.


During the launch of ACI daycare centre Dr. Ramakant Deshpande, Oncosurgeon and Vice Chairman of Asian Cancer Institute Said “This is 1st smart centre in Borivali for cancer care near to home. We are planning few more such centres as phase 1. These centres will house 6-10 bedded chemotherapy along with blood transfusion, hydration therapy, wound management for post-operative patient, diagnosis and all day care procedure at this centre.”

Dr. Deepak Parikh added, “With the launch of this centre we will be starting a telemedicine facility wherein the patient with the assistant doctor in the daycare can interact with the consultant through video call and understand the problems to provide proper treatment reducing the need to visit the hospital at Sion.

“This centre will help provide treatment to all those components of cancer that does not include admitting the patients including symptom management. All patients, existing and new can approach this centre” said Dr Sanjay Sharma, Oncosurgeon and Director of ACI.

Asian Cancer Institute will continue to provide seamless standardized quality of care across all its centres at an affordable cost” as concluded by Mr. Rahul Datta – Chief Operating Officer.

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