Raw, Regal & Real: Aamir Khan’s Brunch cover shoot is the best birthday gift for his fans!

To celebrate his 52nd Birthday on March 14, the reclusive actor has done a special photo shoot for HT Brunch. Over the years, there are very few questions that have left Aamir Khan confused. We’re happy to say that we asked the actor one such question in this week’s cover story.


In the last 30 years, Aamir has been given many titles – Perfectionist, Formula Actor, you know the likes. In Brunch’s latest interview, he explains which of these hold true and which don’t. And he looks bloody good while doing that. The actor’s bearded look for Thugs of Hindostan will give followers of #NoShaveNovember a new role model and start a fashion trend much like the Ghajini haircut and the DilChahtaHai goatee.


Shooting exclusively for HT Brunch, DabbooRatnani gave us pictures that deserve to be printed and framed. Who knows, that might even happen! Talking to us about the shooting experience, Dabboo said, “I’ve known Aamir since I’ve entered the industry but this particular shoot happened after a long gap of more than 10 years. But even then he hasn’t changed one bit. He’s the same person, just as professional and hardworking as before. In terms of poses, he’s evolved a lot. Aamir hardly does any photoshoots, which makes these rare shooting experiences even more fun and valuable.”

Interestingly, Ratnani, who is famous for putting out his Bollywood star calendar every January, has failed to convince Aamir to feature on it for the last 10 years. “But I hope to convince him this year,” says Ratnani.


Jamal Shaikh, National Editor of Brunch and New Media Initiatives at the Hindustan Times, adds, “It is indeed a coup for Brunch to have convinced Aamir Khan to not just do an interview before his 52nd birthday, but also allow us into his home and heart for an exclusive photo shoot, which the actor rarely does. In the last two months, Brunch has had Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir on its cover, all giving interviews on life in general, and not to publicise an upcoming film. That is the power of the country’s largest-circulated and largest-read magazine.”


There’s a reason he’s called Aamir of hearts. All his little quirks and larger gestures get him that loved title and this, we’re sure he won’t mind. Watch out for the Hindustan Times Brunch cover story this Sunday and tweet your reactions!


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