City’s largest ‘rooftop solar plant inaugurated at WTC Mumbai

A High capacity 250kWp Rooftop Grid Tied Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant installed at the World Trade Centre Mumbai was inaugurated by WTC Mumbai, Chairman Mr. Kamal Morarka.

On this occasion, Mr. Morarka said “With the commissioning of the Solar Power Plant in the iconic tower, World Trade Centre has become the first commercial establishment in Mumbai to set up a 250kWp Rooftop Grid Tied Solar PV Power Plant under the net metering scheme of BEST Undertaking”.

Further, Mr. Morarka said that the “ Solar Plant designed and built by Maxwell Solar & Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai is spread over 25,000 sq.ft of roof area on the Arcade Building of the World Trade Centre and the power from Solar PV power plant will cater primarily to the air conditioning plant of the Arcade building and will generate over 3 lakh units annually”.

Mr. Morarka informed that 808 Solar Photovoltaic modules each of 310Wp are used in the project. They are mounted on specially designed aluminum module mounting structures. The Solar Modules used are of poly crystalline technology and are manufactured by Waaree Energies Ltd, one of India’s leading module-manufacturing company. The Grid Tied Solar Inverters which is the heart of the Solar PV Power Plant is manufactured by the world’s leading Inverter Company – SMA Solar Technologies, AGof Germany.

Mr. Morarka added that “WTC Mumbai has shown the city, a way for harnessing clean, green energy from the sun and is participating in government’s mission announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi to scale up the solar power to more than 10 percent of total energy mix by 2022”.

In conclusion Mr. Morarka said that the right approach to energy can drive progress across all three pillars of sustainable development: economic dynamism, social progress and environmental sustainability. Solar power is attractive because it is abundant and offers a solution to the negative effects of fossil fuel emissions and global climate change with the breakthrough for renewable energy development in the city and with the demand for energy rising exponentially, the entire state is undergoing a major transformation in how it generates electricity. WTC Mumbai reinforces the economic and environmental advantage of deploying large-scale solar project and sets itself on the path of achieving the goal for Green and Clean India”, stressed Mr. Morarka.

The Vice Chairmen of WTC Mumbai, Mr. Vijay G. Kalantri, Capt. Somesh Batra, Mr. Sharad Upasani and the Executive Director of World Trade Centre, Mr. Y. R. Warerkar and others were also present at this auspicious occasion.

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