Fortune uplifts it’s look and feel with a new logo and identity

Akshay Kumar UnboxingFortune, a renowned food FMCG brand has unveiled a brand new logo and a wide range of product offerings. In the digital era, where the consumer’s attitude and behaviour have become extremely intuitive, the brand opted to focus on digital amplification to present it’s new identity across social media platforms in collaboration with Akshay Kumar & key influencers such as Miss Malini, Chef Ajay Chopra, Deeksha Joshi and many others.

Over the past two decades, the consumers have evolved. Being a beacon of inspiration, Fortune has uplifted it’s look and feel and built a modern and contemporary brand image. Owing to that, Fortune has revised the brand logo and packaging, along with the way they communicate with the consumers.

Breaking down it’s stereotype of being a popular oil brand, Fortune now consists of a wide range of product offerings from rice, dal, atta, soya chunks, besan and much more.

The brand launched a campaign #Whatsinthebox on 21st Feb with ace actor Akshay Kumar & key influencers to create conversations and generate curiosity amongst target audience by solving the puzzle & unbox the mystery Fortune box. On 28th Feb, the brand with Akshay Kumar unboxed the new identity and the wide range of offerings under the Fortune umbrella.

Talking about the announcement, Angshu Mallick, Deputy CEO said, “Fortune has always been about connecting with the consumers in the correct way. For the evolving needs of our consumers, Fortune has undertaken a step towards uplifting the brand proposition by modernizing the identity of the brand.

For decades Fortune has been synonymous with oils, and while we have the largest share of the pie in the category, we are determined to dominate all categories. Our vision is to become the largest food FMCG brand in the country which is why Fortune range also includes Rice, Atta, Besan, Dal, Soya chunks and more in an all-new avatar that I believe will resonate better with all the consumers.”

Sanjay Adesara, Media & Strategy Head said, “For the digitally evolved consumers today brands are more than just a product. They connect with its philosophy, identity and buy into their vision. For the last 20 years Fortune has been periodically reinventing itself not only in its range (today the Fortune Foods range includes Rice, Atta, Besan, Pulses, Soya chunks, and more) but also in its identity. To retain the affinity of today’s visually-stimulated generation we have undertaken this rebranding initiative,”

Fortune’s consistent quest for growth combined with innovation and experimentation will contribute to the brand’s overall sales and business model.



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